$$ Turn Candy Bars Into CASH $$

For our local non-profit organizations, Lammes Candies offers premium chocolate bars for fundraising. Not only does your organization earn money - it does so while supporting a home-town favorite, Lammes Candies Since 1885!

A variety of bars to choose from - all with the Lammes Candies name and reputation for quality. Inside each bar wrapper are coupons - one redeemable at any Lammes Candies shop and the other redeemable at your local Sonic Drive-In.

In addition to chocolate bars, Lammes offers it's premium products; "Texas Chewie" Pecan Pralines and Longhorns. Available in gift boxes ranging from 2 piece to 6 oz. size.

Thank you for considering Lammes Candies to assist you in your fund-raising projects.

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