Austin City Council Proclaims December 16 - 23
Mildred Walston Week

Lammes Candies most cherished employee is Honored with a proclamation by the Austin City Council for her 73 years of dedicated service to Lammes Candies!

Mildred in the beginning!

1940 - David Lamme hired a youngster named Mildred Walston - she thinks because she was relentless! Coming back three different times to encourage Mr. Lamme to hire her! His reasoning (other than a rough economy) was the fact that she lived in the "country" and he thought that she would not be able to get to work on time. Little did he know our Mildred. Mildred in the beginning! Mildred started out in the retail/service end of the business. Hours were long at the soda fountain and candy store, they were open from 7:30am - 11:00pm. She served coffee, ice cream or "Gem" - Lammes famous concoction that was a blend of fruit and sherbet-like texture. At first Mildred was scared of the customers and would rather do anything than wait on them - even choosing washing dishes, but Lena Lamme encouraged Mildred to step out of her comfort zone and greet those customers - Mildreds been doing that ever since! At the time, Nixon-Clay business college resided upstairs from the candy store and Mildred began taking classes during the day, working the candy store in the evenings. She was recruited by Scarboroughs Department Store and accepted the position. This left Mildred in a quandary - how was she going to tell Mr. Lamme that she was going to quit to go to work at Scarboroughs? She came to work on a day that she wasnt scheduled to work and paced between the workroom and the retail floor, leaving Mr. Lamme to wonder what was wrong. She finally got the nerve to approach him. With tears in her eyes, she told Mr. Lamme of her intentions to leave Lammes Candies. Mr. Lamme, being an intuitive man, said that it looked like she wasnt sure of her decision; why didnt she take the "panel truck" (ice cream delivery truck) out to see her parents to discuss her plans and get their opinion on such. After discussion with her parents (who also saw the hesitance in her) - Mildred decided to stay with Lammes - and boy are we glad she did.

Mildred in front of the candy store

see the Capitol Building?

Sometime in the late 40s Lammes began their venture into the Mail Order business, employing Bonner McClain Advertising agency to produce the first catalog - it was actually just a postcard but it worked. Mildred stayed and helped develop the Mail Order department moving from the 9th and Congress store to our new store at 10th and Congress in the late 50s. In the beginning of Lammes Mail Department, all orders were taken on hand-written mailing labels and the "shipping crew" was brought in after-hours to pack and ready the packages to be mailed. Mildred has seen this department go from those early beginnings of everything done by hand to our current system of entering orders into our complex computer system for label printing and tracking. She was hesitant at first, to attempt learning the "new" system - but became proficient in this system and still uses it today.

Mildred Today!

There are so many stories we can tell about Mildred, shes actually far more interesting than the company story in many ways. A few memorable ones are: 1. Mildred would always follow-up behind the shipping crew to run a magnet through the papers/trash that they left after completing the shipping of all the packages. You may ask why? Because there were "perfectly good paper clips in all that trash and it was wasteful to throw them out." 2. On one of the few days in Austin when the streets were closed due to ice/snow, Mildred and her husband WALKED approximately 7 miles so that she could get to work! Im not sure if anyone else was even in the office, but Mildred was not going to miss a beat! 3. When "hosting" a retail Christmas party - if you wanted sugar in your coffee, you better look out for little pieces of lemon drops in her sugar bowl. She syphoned the remnant sugar from the bottom of the lemon drop case - again, cant let anything go to waste. Lammes, its owners, employees and customers have had the honor of working alongside, or being served by this wonderful woman. We LOVE Mildred!!!! She IS Lammes Candies!